Perhaps you have thought of a new invention and were tempted to look further into acquiring a patent for this. Maybe you've seen the commercials on tv and thought about calling. Well, chew on this first. I have those ideas, and once not too long ago I pursued it. I went online, and decided to go with and outfit called Davison. I sent away for a free information packet. Once I got the packet in the mail, I went along with filling out a few papers, including a confidentiality agreement. Shortly after I sent it in, a man called me and wanted to talk to me about my idea. I told him about my idea and he went on about how original it was and I might be on to something. The next step was to pay $700 for them to conduct research to see if there was already a patent on this. That semed a bit much for me. What were the chances of paying $700 and come up with nothing? I did some research on the internet and found that my chances of making it big were very slim. I decided not to send money in. It was hard to shake this guy, he wanted the sale. Less than a month later, I saw my invention in a Pampered Chef catalog. I guess it's a good think I didn't sent him the money! My advice to you is before you go along with it, do your homework and understand the risks!


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