NASCAR – Don’t screw it up

I really enjoy watching a NASCAR race on Sunday afternoon. I happen to be a Tony Stewart fan. Like many I know, I must question the new “NASCAR Playoffs”, or Race to the Nextel Cup as it’s called. NASCAR decided to do this for a couple of reasons.

First, they don’t like the idea of losing fans to Sunday Football.
Second, and this is the one that aggravates me, with ten races left, they take the top drivers and reset their points so that the top driver is within 50 points of the lowest contender. They then finish out the season, and the highest points winner wins the cup. This would keep many fans interested as long as their driver was a contender. However, this year, most of the more popular drivers are not in contention (Dale Earnhart jr, Jeff Gordon, etc) and therefore all their fans have nothing to look forward to.(So why watch the race?)

Well, I like NASCAR over many other sports because I don’t need to worry about hearing about labor contract disputes, steroids, or really anything else. The problem is NASCAR is moving away from what the fans want, and more towards the big money business decisions


At 4:26 PM, Blogger Ron Schneider said...

I have to disagree with you. I'm a Bengals fan, however, that still hasn't kept me from watching the NFL playoffs or the Superbowl? Same with the Reds. If you have have a driver that can technically win the championship with 3 races to go, why watch the 3 races. Just because drivers like DE Jr and Jeff Gordon, can't win the championship, they can still drive and win races. Just like the Reds, I won't see them in the World Series, but I still get to watch them win a few for the next couple weeks.


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