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I tell you what really chaps me off.....You hear an ad on the radio for a certain product, then at the end they read their legal disclaimers or "fine print". They give their speel so fast, you cannot normally understand it and if it isn't too fast, they speak very soft. The same goes for TV ads. The fine print they stick on the very bottom of the screen, you almost need HDTV and a wide screen tv to read the print! I am sure they are just following the minimum standards according to the law. Maybe this law should be updated? I really like te weight loss supplemant commercials or exercise machine ads, the fine print read "results not typical". I thought to myself, "if people read this why would they buy this product?". If anyone knows where I can find documentation on this law, please let me know.


At 12:06 PM, Blogger Jason Schneider said...

I have a high def 65 inch television set if you want to come over and watch some t.v.

At 7:48 PM, Anonymous James said...

Brad, We all agree that fine print is silly. But I think most people have no idea how silly it is. The FTC says that fine print has NEVER saved a company from a lawsuit or sanction in the last 30+ years. Deceptive practices are banned by statute and by tort common law; there is nothing you can do to get around it but to rely on the unwillingness of consumers to sue, which, unfortunately, is pretty reliable.


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