Bling Bling

It is not my intent to offend the bling blingers of the world by posting this article…
Have you ever seen these jokers driving down the street in their late 80’s model vehicle, stereo turned up so loud that the street vibrates? I'm sure you have. They might have some ghetto fabulous rims on their ride also. I like the kind that keep spinning after the car stops. I'm told these fancy wheels run about 4 grand. Or how about the Mr. T starter kits? Or even better yet the "Advanced T" ensemble, featuring the half pound imitation sterling silver herringbone necklace, complimented by the 10 carat imitation diamond earring. My question is, who are these people trying to fool? Am I really supposed to think that because they have all this bling, they are wealthy and should be granted a certain degree of respect? Not from me, because I know that these people normally live with their parents and sometimes show up at their part time Burger King jobs. To each his own I guess, but I don't get it.
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