I normally don't like to give product reviews unless they are relevent to at least a regional audience, but I will give this special treatment. We were in the Fairfield area yesterday and decided to try out the renewed Pusch's restuarant on Nilles Rd. Our first impression was that it might not be a good idea, but we went ahead and ave it a chance. There were very few people dining, and we weren't sure what to becuase there was nobody there to greet us. After we were escorted through the smoking section we were seated and we ordered our drinks. With three of us eating, we were giving two straws, and mine looked like it had been kicked around the parking lot for a few days. The food was actually pretty good, everything was nice and hot and to be fair, the waiter was trying very hard to be nice. What really chapped me of about the whole thing was, our bill was $22, and when they did a pre-auth on my check card he rang it in for $122. Like I am going to leave a 400% tip?!?!Overall, I say thumbs down to Pusch's Bitro!


At 11:21 PM, Blogger Ron Schneider said...

Everytime I go home I wonder how long it will be until the state bannes smoking in public establishments. Ohio must be one of the last holding on to the right to smoke in public. Good grief already, as Gracy says, "It's DISGUSTING!!!"

At 8:15 AM, Blogger SchneiderBase said...

I liked the old pushes restaurant. It had the first salad bar in cincinnati. My boys were bannned from there I think.


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