Michael Jackson

Today the jury was set for the trial of Michael Jackson. I try not to post judgement on anyone until they have been proven guilty or innocent, but I think Michael is in for some serious trouble. The judge in this case has been moving things aong, perhaps tired of all the stalling, and the way things look the defense is already on the ropes. While I was a youngster in the 80's, I was a Michael Jackson fan. But that was when he was a black man. Now that he seems to have evolved into a quaze-white woman, to me he seems more like a circus freak. I am not attempting to be harsh on the man(or whatever) I just call it like I see it. I think that it would be appropriate that if found guilty, he should do some quality time like any other child molester. Well, he could look on the broght side...If he did go to prison he would make a lovely wife to someone!


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