Troble in the Vatican

The Pope has once again been admitted into the hospital, and has had an emergency tracheotomy. He is currently breathing with the assistance of a respirator. This highly controversial, yet very popular pontiff is known as a hero to many and may soon be passing on. The enevetable death of the pope has been a topic of late, and one would wonder what happens after that happens. After the Pope passes away, there will be a nine day grieving period. On the fourth or fifth day, he will be buried. After sixteen days, the college of cardinals, consisting of 119 cardinals will gather and discuss which direction the church should go from there. Once that is done, they will cast a vote for a new pope. a 2/3 majority vote is required to"win". Campaining for this is strictly forbidden while the pope is alive and is frowned upon after his death. Posted by Hello


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