Blockbuster Video has made a lot of noise lately, as you may have heard. You can subscribe to a premium movie pass, where you pay a monthly fee and rent a whole bunch of videos. The problem with that is, a lot of people subscribe to this and whenever you want to rent a new video, it is already gone. Then there is the mail order deal where you can order your movies online, get them in the mail a few days later and return them in the postage paid mailer and there you go! The problem with this is? This is costing Blockbuster a fortune. While it is making these moves to compete with rival online movie rental Netflix, it is also watching internet giant Amazon.com in it’s rear view mirror, getting ready to tap into the online movie ordering business in American markets. This would be a very profitable venture if they would put a limit on the number of movies per month one can get per month. Another way they can move ahead of the competition is to add video games to the ordering options.


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