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We finished up our family vacation with a trip to the Indianapolis Speedway - The Brickyard. We went on a tour of the racing museum there and we also went on a track tour. We boarded a tour bus and did a lap around the track, meanwhile taking in all the commentary. We really enjoyed the visit.


Cheeseburger in Paradise

While on vacation, we visited the Cheeseburge in Paradise restaurant in Indianapolis. The food was outstanding(but not diet friendly) and the service was exceptional. I was surprised at the cost, and in a good way. I recommend going early beacause it gets quite crowded there. I highly recommend this restaurant!


Family Vacation-Part I

Well, with phase one of our family vacation nearly complete, I feel obligated to give a breif report. Cumberland falls, located in Corbin, Ky is an interesting place to visit. We stayed at the Country Inn and were pleased with the place. The falls were a nice place to visit, but I would think twice about making this a stop for more than a day due to limited things to do. I believe our next phase of our trip will be more exciting!


BradsBlog Movie Review- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I took two of my boys to the movies tonight to see this. I must admit I didn't want to go see it to begin with. I was also afraid my younger boy, age three, would be terrified of Willie Wonka. However, I was overall impressed with it. It is more futuristic than the older version. I think it was a good movie, even for young children. Nobody was scared.

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WebMD Weight Loss Clinic

This last Tuesday I started a new weight loss program on WebMD.com If you are looking to shed a few pounds, check it out. It is not a fad-type diet. It encourages you to eat the same foods you always eat, but stresses portion control. If you follow the link, you can take an online tour.

My Comeback

Early last month, I decided that this blog was consuming too much of my time. At this time, I am resuming my blogging activities. However, I am going to make it a bit more personal but at the same time, try to keep a lot of my old style. Thanks for reading.

a Scam?

Well, they finally came through and posted rewards for signing up. I thought it would be for more than $5 web cash. I am extremely leary about this outfit. I definately would not give up any of my personal info or CASH!!