Taylor 5553 Body Fat Analyzer Bath Scale

I bought this scale about 14 months ago, and have been quite pleased with it. I have read several reviews on Amazon.com and they have been a bit poor. I have replaced the 9 volt battery once since I've had it, and the reading are fairly consistent.(You need to stand the same way every time) If you want a good reading, make sure your scale is on a level surface, and if you are measuring BMI(Body Mass Index) it is best if your feet are a bit damp. Overall I am pleased with this product.


Crystal Light

Ever since I started my diet back in July, fluid intake has been a cornerstone of it. The best way for me to get my water intake was to hammer the Crystal Light(made by Kraft Foods). Since I started drinking this beverege, I have found that many stores offer their generic version of this. I do most of my shopping at Kroger, and they offer an off brand. Target and Walmart also serve up this tasty beverege in generic fashion. The generic version tasted just as good and is normally about half the price. From my experience, Walmart has the biggest selection of drinks over the other stores in my area. If you are dieting, or just like to eat healthy, I highly recommend Crystal Light or any of the spin-offs.
*Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine


Diet Update

What started off with me taking part in the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic, I lost about 10-15 pound on it before I decided that I couldn't find myself time to journal all the food I was eating. So, I decided to quit them and go along on my own. To tell you the truth, it really hasn't been all that tough. Don't get me wrong, i still go nuts on ice cream and occassionally pizza, but for the most part, it's lots of green veggies and poultry. I never knew turkey burgers could be so good! So, I am down to around 180 pounds, I started off over 200. I do not have a "goal", because I don't want to claim victory then quit and gain it all back.


Blog-Hints Button

Now you can get a Blog-Hints button for your blog!

I built this blog-hints button for people to add to their blogs instead of a text link. I kinda' like the button better. Let me know what you think!!!Here is the code:


No Cage Eggs

Well, just when you think you've seen it all. I was at Kroger yesterday doing some needed grocery shopping and as I was grabbing an 18 pack of eggs that were on sale ($ .99) I noticed an egg carton for sale. It was the animal rights version of eggs. These are the eggs for people that like to treat the animal good before eating it. I guess farmer Brown lets the chickens roam all over the farm and he picks up the eggs wherever they drop. The funny thing is, these eggs were going for about $2.50 per dozen. I couldn't help but laugh about it.


Syndication Contest

Increase your blogs exposure with a free month of front page synidacation on www.Blog-Hints.com. Post your best blog post during the month of September and the winner will be syndicated on the Home Page for 1 month! See RULES for details


NASCAR – Don’t screw it up

I really enjoy watching a NASCAR race on Sunday afternoon. I happen to be a Tony Stewart fan. Like many I know, I must question the new “NASCAR Playoffs”, or Race to the Nextel Cup as it’s called. NASCAR decided to do this for a couple of reasons.

First, they don’t like the idea of losing fans to Sunday Football.
Second, and this is the one that aggravates me, with ten races left, they take the top drivers and reset their points so that the top driver is within 50 points of the lowest contender. They then finish out the season, and the highest points winner wins the cup. This would keep many fans interested as long as their driver was a contender. However, this year, most of the more popular drivers are not in contention (Dale Earnhart jr, Jeff Gordon, etc) and therefore all their fans have nothing to look forward to.(So why watch the race?)

Well, I like NASCAR over many other sports because I don’t need to worry about hearing about labor contract disputes, steroids, or really anything else. The problem is NASCAR is moving away from what the fans want, and more towards the big money business decisions


Entertainment Book

My wife and I have decided not to buy the Entertainment books that my son's school puses for a fund raiser. I was curious what others felt about them. It seems like you use a couple of coupons right after you buy the book, then you kind of forget about the book the rest of the year.


NFL-Superbowl.net FORUMS

The big power outage in the Los Angelos area yesterday knocked out my new NFL-Superbowl site for most of the day. This morning, I did some upgrades to the site, as well as posted a few topics in the forums. I invite everyone to visit the forums and let me know wat you think!



Just to put out the word, I launched a new website tonight. It is www.nfl-superbowl.net. It will have a discussion forum, and have quick links to most NFL type sites. Give it a click and check it out!


One Step Ahead Hearth Cushion

Well, against my wishes, my wife purchased a Hearth Cushion, made by One Step Ahead. She paid roughly $60 for it, and after it was all put on, the cushion does not adhere to the hearth very well at all. In fact, this, in my opinion, was a complete waste of money.

Microsoft Word Add On

Well I just downloaded the Microsoft Word Add-on for blogger. So, finally I can compose my blogs in Word.(as I’m doing now) You can get yours here. Let me know what you think of it!


Ads on Blogs

When I first started blogging, it was only for fun. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy doing it, but now I have ads on it. At first, I remember thinkign to myself "Who would ever put ads in their blog?". Over time, I began to rethink things. The ads in my blog don't generate much of anything, but a little is better than nothing. It's my blog, can't I do what I want with it?

Link Exchange

I will offer link exchanges on BradsBlog (real link, not blogroll) as well as the blog-hints directory and only ask that you post a link to blog-hints in your blog. Post requests here, and not in the comments for recommendation. However, I will not honor porn sites, or anything like that. I am n the process of phasing out my blogroll list and creating a real link exchange section.


Link Exchange update

Well, I'm not an HTML guru, but I am figuring that if I post a link on blogroll as a link exchange, it is not actually helping that site/blog becasue the link is actually not in my code. I plan to gradually put these links in a special links section.


Well, there is now a forum on blog-hints.com. It could be a good resource for getting blog-related questions answered. Also you can post you blog link there to get a review and comments on it. Here is the link


Major League Baseball

For most of my life, I have been a pretty loyal Reds fan. However, over the last few years, I have been less and less interested. Finally, this year I cannot recall watching or listening to a complete game. I remember not to long ago, my wife was growing very frustrated with me becasue I would always have teh game on. I know the Reds haven't been doing very well lately. In fact, they downright suck. But I don't think that has much to do with it. I think it has more to do with baseball in general. I am so sick and tired of hearign the bickering between the owners and the players union. How much money does a person need to get paid to play baseball? Some post the arguement:"The owners are making money hand over fist!" Well who cares? Their the owners. Why shouldn't they? Then there's the whole steroid issue. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. Do the players think I am so stupid to believe that they aren't juiced? So, I think I am going to stick to other sports instead.


Katrina Fund Raiser

A guy I know from a discussion forum also runs a magazine subscription service and is collecting for the red cross. Here is his original post:

Help the Katrina Victim's and get Redbook Magazine Free One Year Subscription
I am going to dontate a 1.00 for every sign-up to this offer to help the Katrina Victim's.
I will post updates periodically during the day of how many people have signed up and how much will be donated.

Get a Free Year of Redbook when you sign up for clubmom. Redbook is a magazine geared towards young women.
Redbook Magazine Free One Year Subscription when you sign up
Here is the link!!!

The Katrina Blame Game

I am sure I’m not alone in saying that I have been quite addicted to the coverage of the disaster on the gulf coast. Before the storm, I saw the mayor of New Orleans and many other local/state government officials talking about evacuation, etc. The news programs showed the neat graphics of the New Orleans “soup bowl” and how the levees are only built to withstand a category 3 hurricane. Is it just me, or wasn’t there a big scare just a couple of years ago when a hurricane was bearing down on them? So now, after all this, fingers are beginning to point. Most interviews I see on the news point to the federal government, many asking “Where is the help?” I agree. This is bull crap, all these people, no food, no water, the dead in the street. You would think they were in a third world country somewhere. When all the smoke clears, and the death toll from the aftermath, the “cluster”, exceeds the fatalities from the actual flooding, there will be some serious heads rolling at the national level. Sure you can blame the big shots for not responding fast enough, but I haven’t heard anything about the local officials. Everyone knew that the city would be destroyed if/when a big storm hit. Why has nothing been done to prevent this?